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Peter Hungerford

BA (Hons) Photography

Peter Hungerford

Experience of OCA – Feb 2020

Since retiring I have been able to devote a lot of time to photography, a passion of mine for a number of years. Initially, I focused on capturing purely aesthetic images, but soon found that I wanted to stretch myself and produce work that is more expressive. I joined the OCA to help reach this goal. I enjoy the photography courses, mainly because they are extremely stimulating.  Through exercises and assignments, I have been introduced to aspects of photography that I was unaware of.  They have allowed me to experiment while receiving feedback and opening up the world of contemporary photography to me. Moreover, it has put me contact with a number of fellow students with whom I can exchange ideas that help develop my work. The courses are helping me to find my voice and I am using this learning process to improve all aspects of my photography. I have completed two modules and am currently on my third, where I am learning techniques which will help me with the presentation of my work.

Expressing your vision (MY BLOG: https://peterhungerford.wordpress.com/)

Context and Narrative (MY BLOG: https://peterhungerfordcn.wordpress.com/)

Graphical Design (MY BLOG: https://peterhungerfordgd.wordpress.com/)

Being an overseas student (based in Switzerland) I felt initially somewhat distant from the students resident in the UK and the events that are held there. A small group of us founded the OCA European Group last year (https://oca.padlet.org/adelina5153361/EuropeGroup and https://discuss.oca-student.com/c/regional-groups/europe/74) this has been ameliorated a lot, we do get support from the OCA through tutors that attend our virtual meetings which is great.