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July 2016

Conceptual Art in Britain 1964–1979

By | Creative Writing, Film, Fine Art, Galleries, Music, Photography, study visit, Study Visits, Textiles, Visual Communications, We Are OCA

Join OCA tutor Robert Enoch on the 20 August at Tate Britain. In the 1960s artists began to abandon traditional approaches and made ideas the essence of their work. This fascinating exhibition explores this pivotal period in British history.

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Exploring the Pastoral

By | Photography, Study Visits

I was thrilled to be in Sheffield earlier this week hanging my work at Bank Street Arts in Sheffield. I have been working on Elementary Husbandry for several years, beginning shortly after I relocated to the rural Mendip Hills in Somerset from living in the city…

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Inspiring fairy tales

By | Film, Popular Culture, We Are OCA

The Film Culture module asks the student to consider the part of myth and fantasy within the various genres of cinema and how this has influenced many aspects of the way we consume content, from the comic-strip and illustrated novels that spawned the Marvel franchise, to the contribution of Japanese cinema. When cinema embraces the fairy tale and speaks to audiences of all ages – invariably with animation, but not always, the experience of cinema can be truly immersive.

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On taking advice

By | BA Hons creative writing, Creative Writing, We Are OCA

‘Bad writers often believe they have very little left to learn’. And this, for me, sums it up. As soon as we start to dig in our heels and claim that no one can tell us anything useful, or that everyone else just doesn’t get what we’re trying to say (yet somehow, one day, a publisher will) then we’re in dangerous territory.

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