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February 2016

Compare and contrast

By | Fine Art, Galleries

In the responses to the post I wrote about in praise of permanent collections it became clear that writing about art is sometimes and issue for students, especially if confronted with complex or difficult works. A better technique is to move towards a consideration of two works rather than one. By looking for similarity and difference between two works, each can reveal something of the other.

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Book Review:101 Things to Learn in Art School

By | Education, Fine Art

Lessons learned in pursuit of art are lessons that pertain to almost everything we experience. Art is not separate from life; it is the very description of the lives we lead. And so, this book is really for everyone who cares about art and the way it enriches our being.

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Karlstad on fire

By | Fine Art, Student Work

OCA student Gwenyth Wilson Rudstrom created a piece of art for the annual Festival of Fire in Karstad, Sweden. The work was based on a photo of the city of Karlstad taken in the days following the great fire of 1865.

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What are your words worth?

By | Writing

So, how important is the prestige, in the publishing business? If it is not just your sales that dictate the opportunities you get as a writer, is it the prestige of your words? Your words are worth the world. It’s just that some people, in that world, won’t tell you that.

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Performing for the camera

By | Photography, Study Visits

Join OCA tutor Russell Squires on the 2 April at Tate Modern for Performing for the Camera. With over 50 seminal photographers on display, the exhibition explores the relationship between photography and performance, engaging with serious, provocative and sensational topics, as well as humour, improvisation and irony.

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Book Review:Looking at Art

By | Education, Fine Art

‘Looking at Art’ is a rich resource for any maker or viewer of art. What I like about it is that it doesn’t talk down to its readership and doesn’t offer ‘answers’ or approved ways to look at art but rather an approach to looking. This equates to a kind of tool kit that can be used to help manage any encounter with contemporary art.

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