Fees, Funding and Disabled Students Allowance

At current fees, a full BA (Hons) degree with the Open College of the Arts costs £9,505.

Details of how this is divided up per level can be found below.

Foundations courses

£ 795

Per course

OCA Foundations courses are designed for students who want to develop their skills and understanding before embarking on degree level study, but they can also be studied as interesting courses in their own right.

Level 1 (HE4)

£ 3585

Per level

All of OCA’s Level 1 (HE4) course units have 40 credits. If you’re studying towards a degree, you will need three level 1 courses at £1,195 each to gain the necessary 120 credits before moving on to level 2.

Level 2 (HE5)

£ 2960

Per level

OCA’s level 2 (HE5) courses each have 60 credits, so if you are studying for a degree you will need to study two courses at £1,480 each at this level to get the required 120 credits before moving on to Level 3 (HE6).

Level 3 (HE6)

£ 2960

Per level

OCA’s level 3 (HE6) course units hold differing amounts of credits depending upon the subject area and therefore are varied in cost. For individual pricing, please see the individual course pages on this website.


OCA’s course fees depend on where you live and the level of study.

For students in the UK all full levels of study are under £4000, but you do not need to pay for the full level. You pay your course fees as you go along.

The level 1 (HE4) course fee is £1,195 in the UK, £1,325 elsewhere in the EU and rest of the world. A deposit and instalment option is available for which a £50 fee is included in the deposit you pay.

The course fees for individual course units can be found on this website. When you’re ready to enrol on a course, you can do so through this website through the course pages by selecting your payment method and following the on-screen instructions to enrol and make payment.

If you wish to enrol on a degree with the OCA, you can submit your initial application through a form at the bottom of the relevant degree page (through the ‘Degrees’ menu above), or call the college on 0800 731 2116 to speak to a member of the Head Office team.

Loans and grants

Student Finance help is targeted at first time undergraduates. The arrangements depend on where you live.


Students from England are able to apply for a part-time Tuition Fee Loan to study with the OCA. The Tuition Fee Loan isn’t based on household income and there’s no upper age limit for applying.

Student Finance England

 Northern Ireland

Students from Northern Ireland are able to apply for the part-time student financial package of a means tested fee grant of up to £1,230, and a course fees grant of up to £265.

Students living in Northern Ireland who wish to undertake a degree course with the OCA should note that it is their responsibility to make up the difference between the fee grant as awarded and the tuition fees as set by the OCA.

Student Finance Northern Ireland


Students from Wales are able to apply for a part-time Tuition Fee Loan to study with the OCA provided you are studying an average course intensity of at least 25%. Depending on your household income, you may also be able to apply for a Course Grant provided you are studying an average course intensity of at least 50%.
The following websites contain further information and the relevant application forms:

Student Finance Wales

If you have any questions about the OCA arrangements, please speak to Dee Whitmore, who can be contacted via our Freephone number 0800 731 2116.

Student Finance FAQs

For students to be eligible for SLC funding, they must be studying a designated course. Courses at this college are designated for 2015/16 and redesignated each year by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. We expect this process to be complete for 2016/17 by early 2016. Visit http://www.hefce.ac.uk/reg/desig/student/ for more information.

What should I do if I want to apply?

If you are applying to Student Finance England, download the PTL1 application form from their website and complete it to the best of your ability – you may need to contact OCA to determine the tuition fees for the year. Once completed, forward the form to the funding body.

Once your funding is approved, you will receive written notification. Send a copy of your letter of entitlement, together with an Enrolment Form specifying both the degree for which you are applying and the course units you wish to be enrolled on in the current funding year, to Dee Whitmore at OCA Head Office.

If you are in Wales or Northern Ireland download the PTG1 form from the relevant website.. Complete the forms and send these, together with the supporting documentation (e.g. P60, benefit entitlement letter, Birth Certificate etc) to Dee Whitmore at OCA Head Office. You should also send your Enrolment Form, specifying both the degree for which you are applying and the course units you wish to be enrolled on in the current funding year. Once we have received your documentation, we will fill in Section 6 (reserved for the course provider) and then send it off to the relevant Student Finance scheme.

Can I still apply if I am already part way through my degree with the OCA?

Yes. You may apply for Student Finance up to 9 months after the start of your course in any funding year.

Is there anyone I can speak to with further queries?

We strongly recommend that you look at the relevant Student Finance website first. However, if you have any questions about the OCA arrangements, please speak to Dee Whitmore, who can be contacted via our Freephone number 0800 731 2116.

Disabled Students Allowances

Disabled Students Allowances (DSAs) are provided by the government to students on an individual basis to help overcome the barriers that a disabled student may face because of their disability when accessing higher education.
This can include long term health conditions, mental health conditions and specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia. You can check your eligibility and see more information here:- https://www.gov.uk/disabled-students-allowances-dsas/overview
Support varies on the individual but can include supportive technology and software, ergonomic equipment, and non-medical helpers.
This is available to degree students only. If you are a personal development learner you may wish to discuss any concerns that you have with our Learner Support Adviser before enrolling.
We strongly recommend that students apply for DSAs before enrolling on your degree, as it can take some time to put in place the support you are awarded.
To apply, you will need to complete a ‘DSA1 full’ form which can be found here along with the relevant guidance notes. There is a section on the form for OCA to complete so you will need to send it to us once you have filled it in.
If you have any questions please speak to Lia Harness, who can be contacted via our Freephone number 0800 731 2116.

OCA’s Learner Support Scheme

The OCA has a Learner Support Scheme which can provide partial bursaries towards course fees for students who are not eligible for funding via Student Finance. Please check if you are eligible for funding via Student Finance (see above: Loans and Grants) before applying to the Learner Support Scheme.
The scheme is part of the OCA’s charitable purpose and commitment to equality of opportunity. We receive no state funding at all (unlike UK universities, including the Open University) but the Trustees have nevertheless set aside an annual sum to be allocated through the Fund.
The scheme is based on financial hardship and you will be required to provide evidence of your household income and some samples of your work.
When your completed form is received, the scheme administrator will review it to check there is nothing missing. You may be contacted at this point to rectify any gaps. This will ensure that the committee has a complete picture when it comes to making their decision.
Funding is applied for on a unit by unit basis only, and once the budget for the year has been allocated, potential applicants would have to wait until the beginning of the new academic year (1 September each year).
Please contact Student Services via our Freephone number 0800 731 2116 to discuss making an application.